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Jeffrey Pratt


Jeffrey Pratt has become one of the most sought after and successful British Contemporary painters, with his rich use of colour, wonderful plays of light and vitality.

His popularity has increased year by year with his work being collected widely in the UK, USA, Canada, Singapore and Europe. Jeffrey enjoys lengthy trips to Italy, Turkey, India, Africa, Ecuador, Cuba and France which is his greatest source of inspiration.  As an "en plein air" painter he captures the fleeting moments, the spirit of the subject and the ever changing days in the countryside. His love of art is such that days off are rare, relaxation is a day painting in a field of lavender or sunflowers in Provence.

1998 - 2009

  • Galerie du Cygne (Lourmarin and Grimaud France)
  • Memphis, USA
  • Lloyds of London
  • Hicks Gallery, Wimbledon
  • Courcoux & Courcoux , Stockbridge
  • Merriscourt Gallery, Oxon
  • Fosse Gallery, Stow on the Wold
  • Cricket Fine Art, London
  • Brian Sinfield Gallery, Burford, Oxon
  • Strachan Fine ART, London
  • AInscough Gallery Dartmouth and London